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Nursing Uniform Washing Care & Instructions

At American Discount Uniform we remind all of our customers to please always read and follow the manufacturer washing instructions labeled on each garment. Nursing and medical uniforms are engineered for the medical environment and use fabrics that offer a combination of durability, style, color and comfortable wear ability.

Like any work wear, nursing uniforms are a part of your professional attire and will require daily cleaning, therefore proper care should be used in washing your uniform to extend the life of the garment as well as keeping it looking new, crisp and professional.

From our years of experience in selling nursing uniforms, we have become very aware of the need for proper washing care of the uniforms. As a part of our service to our customers we have developed some simple washing instruction that will help you enjoy and maintain the look and feel of your nursing uniform.

A few special notes:

Dark Garments: Always wash before wearing as the color might bleed. Wash in cold or warm water only never wash color uniforms in HOT water.

White Garments : It is a common misconception to bleach whites. DO NOT bleach white garments with chlorine-based bleaches. White garments are actually dyed “white” and by bleaching you are actually taking out the color – often “yellowing” the garments. Rather use a non-chlorine bleach as recommended by the manufacturer. Bleach is also tough on the actual fabric fiber and can reduce the life of the garment.

A Secret About Ironing & Pressing : Many times you can get the same appearance of ironing and pressing by just getting your timing down right. If you take your nursing uniform or medical uniform (if it's fabric is a 65/35 poplin blend) right out of the dryer when it's still hot and hang it on a hanger it won't wrinkle and will save you the time to iron it. Give it a try!

These simple washing instructions will help you to maintain a clean and comfortable nursing uniform for a long time. Just another advantage and service American Discount Uniform offers its customers.



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