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Medical & Nursing Uniform Services We Offer

With over 15 years of experience as a nursing uniform and medical scrub retailers and suppliers, our site “Uniform Favorites” features just that – those tried and true uniforms that our customers know and love. We have heard time and time again from our customers that they have favorite uniforms based on how they look, feel, fit and wear.

But American Discount Uniform offers more than just medical scrubs and nursing uniforms, we offer services designed to help you select and purchase uniforms and garments to meet your specific needs. From uniform embroidery to nursing school uniform programs and medical office coordination assistance we have built a solid reputation for both products and our uniform services. We hope you enjoy your selections – we believe you will.

Medical Uniform Favorites   Nursing & Medical Uniform Favorites :

Offering medical and nursing uniform favorites that our customers are looking for from manufacturers like Landau, Urbane Scrubs and White Swan . See how our years of experience help us to offer your uniform favorites. <<More

Nursing Uniform Fairs   Medical & Nursing Uniform Fairs :

Uniform Fairs bring our store directly to you so that employees can shop on-site at your facility at discounted prices. Uniform fairs help employees select the right size and fit as well choose the right color and style right at work. << More

Nursing School Uniforms   Nursing School & Medical Career Uniform Programs:

ADU has been a reliable source for student uniforms for nursing schools and medical career schools since our beginning in 1992. See how our professional sales staff can help your school.
<<< More

Medical Office Uniform Assistance   Medical Office Uniform Coordination Assistance :

If you are tasked with coordinating your medical office's uniform program, look to ADU for assistance. We can help take the hassle out of coordinating a uniform program for your department or medical office staff. <<< More

Uniform Embroidery   Customization & Uniform Embroidery :

ADU can customize and embroider your garments with our in-house embroidery department. We offer a wide selection of thread colors and options to make your medical and nursing uniform uniquely yours. <<< More

Nursing Uniform Samples   Nursing Uniform and Medical Garment Sample Programs :

We offer organizations and health care facilities a sample garment program to help with sizing and style selection, browse this area for more details . <<< More

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